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About Us

Perpetual Development in High Quality Service…

Nowadays, where technological change and development is blowing like the wind at a blistering pace, it is now possible to access all kinds of information in mere seconds…

In this era, called the information age or the digital age due to the revolutionary advances in computing and communication technology, people are almost lost in the flow of information.

It is our duty to recognize the value of time and the accurate information in this mass and chaos of information, and to offer the most suitable and fastest solutions to your requirements. DENGE, with its vigorous and experienced corporate team, offers you the most perfect service by blending the functional information and solutions obtained from the ever-changing information flow with years of rich experience.

Our goal is to ensure that our audit and consultancy clients always feel us alongside, taking responsibility for our advice, and actually being there in person when needed.

(According to unique rules of Turkish financial administration our office is a “Yeminli Mali Müşavir (YMM)”, which is something of a cross between a Sworn Valuer and CPA: the important result for our clients is that as YMM we take financial responsibility for our actions before the tax authorities.)

DENGE shares its consultancy-knowledge, crystallized from many years of experience with all its clients. As responsible financial advisors we seek to provide road-maps for the clients moving through the hurdles of the business world.

A goal reached carries seeds of progress for the next goal: the success of collaboration between enterprise and financial advisor – and then reaching for more distant, the newer, the better and the more excellent goals is the hidden strength of DENGE – but for the open advantage for the client.

Consultancy services provided proactively, with the belief that every question asked by our clients adds value to our experience and knowledge, from essence of our firm’s philosophy.

Shared knowledge, sharing problems provides mutual benefit. Every question, every concern of a client when passed on to us becomes our question, our concern. When the solution provided is successful the mutual satisfaction motivates all of us.

Maintaining the quality of service provided by DENGE we are engaged continuous education our employees and officers, but also for the clients. We consider the expenditure of the effort to increase the clients’ level of knowledge and experience will enhance their competitiveness.

DENGE does not limit itself to providing only audit and certification services as required by fiscal legislation. With the team of employees being high professionals in their area we are always together with our clients as a solution partner for all essential requirements of the business world.

A Brief History Of DENGE

Denge İzmir Bağımsız Denetim ve Yeminli Mali Müşavirlik Anonim Şirketi was established in 1987.

DENGE always aims for the best and perfection with its deep-rooted, experienced and professional corporate understanding that continues to this day.

DENGE continues its business activities with the partnership of Hasan Zeki Süzen and Ekrem Kayı.

 DENGE, with its experienced and expert staff, responds to the needs of its customers with great devotion and always advances by improving its high quality.


Anticipation of the rapid developments that happen in our country’s economy, acceptance that quality of service cannot be provided by individual consultancy, and a requirement to develop and institutional aspect are some of the core values that have driven DENGE since it was established. DENGE values corporate consciousness while balancing an enthusiasm of putting innovations into practice.

Those core values are ingrained in each action of the partners, officers, and employees, and then passed to the clients.

Quality and continuity of service, a prerequisite for a longlasting partnership, gain more importance nowadays when the flow of information is accelerated. The way of providing services driven by this approach is an integral component of our corporate identity.

Another comerstone of our identity is meeting needs of our clients by efforts of our partners and experienced professionals with strong team spirit. It is a part of our firm’s vision and practice to share knowledge and experience gained when performing analysis and research with our clients.

We seek to achieve client satisfaction (being paramount in our practice) by attempting to see the broader perspective of the expectations of all of our local and foreign clients in various sectors, by seeking to see the results of our activities through the eyes of the “end-user”.

In this age of continuous progress, where information and technology are constantly developing and changing, our firm maintains high quality standards in all matters concerning our clients.

“To grow wisely requires institutionalized quality of service”