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Tax, Audit and Consultancy

In addition to the audit-certification services required by financial legislation, Değer İzmir Independent Auditing and Certified Financial Consultancy Inc. provides; It is always at your side as a solution partner with its expert staff for all the requirements of the business world.


Our services

Independent Audit

Financial reporting standards prepared in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), Financial Reporting Standards for Large and Medium-Sized Enterprises (BOBIFRS) and Generally Accepted Accounting principles published by the Public Oversight Authority (KGK) and accounting principles published by the Relevant Market Regulators for various Sectors. Performing independent audit services of the statements in accordance with the relevant auditing standards.

Tax Services
  • Full Certification
  • Other Certification Services (Special Examination and Special Purpose Reports)
  • VAT Return Certification Services
    Internal Audit and Structuring Analysis Services
  • Revision-Financial Consultancy Services
  • Financial Statement Analysis Service
  • Transfer Pricing Services
  • Tax and Accounting Consultancy,
  • Consultancy services on a sectoral basis in incentives for investments
  • Technical support services for the establishment of the accounting system
  • Foreign Trade, Customs and Indirect Taxes Consultancy
  • Support Services in Tax Disputes
  • Individual Taxation Solutions
  • Tax Planning
  • Tax Consultancy for Foreign Companies
  • Bilateral and/or multilateral Tax Agreements Consultancy.
Legal Services

Consultancy and solutions for tax law and tax disputes, as well as follow-up and management of all kinds of consultancy and judicial processes you need in other areas of law.


Sectors In Which We Provide Our Services

We strive to constantly improve our knowledge of the industries we serve and ensure sustainable, stable growth for our customers.

Trade And Marketing

Optical Products, Medicine and Medical Equipment, Food Consumables, Automotive Trade and Marketing, Electrical and Electronic Products, Chemical Industry

Construction Industry

Construction and Contracting Services
Building and Construction Materials

Production sector

Energy production, Textile and Apparel, tobacco processing, Food, Agricultural products, Chemical Industry, Machinery Manufacturing Industry, Iron and Steel Industry, Paint Manufacturing Industry, Alcoholic and Non-Alcoholic Beverage Industry, Mine Management, Hardware and Hand Tools Industry, Paper, Plastic, Packaging Industry, Leather and Leather Garment Industry

Service industry

Tourism and Hotel Management
Travel Agency
Sea transport

Audit and Certification

With our expert and competent team and local and international business partnerships, we offer reliable audit and certification services at international standards to protect the financial health of your business and support its growth.

Independent Audit

We offer independent audit services to ensure the financial integrity of your business and increase its reliability.


Dealing with the complexity and ever-changing regulations of tax and financial legislation can be difficult. With our consulting services, we offer expert guidance tailored to your needs to increase your business's tax, financial and other regulatory compliance and effectiveness.

Legal Consultancy

Legal processes can be complex and not taking the right steps can have serious consequences. With our legal services, we offer solutions for you and your business's business and commercial law needs, especially tax law.

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Professional Team Expert in Their Field

We contribute to different sectors with the services we offer in the field of Tax, Audit and Consultancy.

International Experience

We produce solutions for your international needs with our international collaborations.

Reliable Service

We are an Audit and Consultancy Company with many years of experience in the sector.