DENGE kurumsal yapısını oluşturan zinde ve iyi yetişmiş çalışanlarıyla, hızla akan bilgi deryasından sizler için özümsediği fonksiyonel bilgileri engin deneyimiyle yoğurarak hizmetinize sunmaktadır.



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1456 Sok. No:10/1 K:13 Punta İş Merkezi Alsancak / İZMİR


Over 40 Years of Experience and Knowledge

Audit and Certification Services

With our expert and competent team and local and international collaborations, we offer reliable audit and certification services at international standards to protect the financial health of your business and support its growth.

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Independent Audit Services

We offer independent audit services to ensure the financial integrity and increase the reliability of your business.

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Consultancy Services

Dealing with the complexity and ever-changing regulations of tax and financial legislation can be difficult. With our consulting services, we offer expert guidance tailored to your needs to increase your business's tax, financial and other regulatory compliance and effectiveness.

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Legal Consultancy Services

Legal processes can be complex, and failure to take the right steps can have serious consequences. With our legal services, we offer solutions for you and your business's business and commercial law needs, especially tax law.

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