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1456 Sok. No:10/1 K:13 Punta İş Merkezi Alsancak / İZMİR

Other Certification Services

  • Certification services related to company acquisitions, mergers and demergers,

  • Determination of the payment of the capital in capital increases,

  • Determination of internal funds that can be added to capital,

  • Addition of undistributed retained earnings to share capital,

  • Evaluation of TUBITAK-supported Project expenditures on R&D expenditures,

  • Addition of positive differences arising after inflation adjustment of equity items to share capital,  

  • Certification of earnings exempted from Corporate Tax,

  • Approval of the account status documents given for loans and letters of guarantee requested from banks,

  • Production Certification Report within the Scope of Special Consumption Tax Law

  • Production activity certification reports for companies established in Free Zones,

  • Expenditure approval approvals of social projects carried out by public institutions and organizations through Development Agencies,

  • Law No. 3568 and other services included in the scope of certification in accordance with the Tax Procedure Law