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VAT Refund Certification Services


As it is known, pursuant to the Value Added Tax Law, domestic deliveries of goods and services by companies are subject to VAT, with some exceptions.

As stated in the Value Added Tax Law; your refund requests regarding export of goods, export registered deliveries, export of services, international transportation, deferment-revocation of VAT within the scope of Inward Processing Permit Certificate, due to the reduced rate and other transactions that give rise to the right to refund specified in the law are fulfilled by our experienced staff.

In the VAT refund process, our Certified Public Accountants, together with our experienced staff, also assist you meticulously in consultancy and reporting. By solving the problems or setbacks encountered within the framework of the legal procedures of the return process and the prescribed legislation, they finalize the VAT Return certification report for the finalization of the return transactions, taking into account the time planning.