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1456 Sok. No:10/1 K:13 Punta İş Merkezi Alsancak / İZMİR

Revision-Fiscal Consultancy Service


It includes controlling the Company’s legal books and accounting records in terms of fiscal legislation, completing the work to eliminate the deficiencies, errors or mistakes revealed by regular audits, and reporting our opinions and suggestions to the accounting manager and, if requested, to the company executives.

  • Revision-Fiscal Consultancy service content, we prioritize the weighing of both technical and technical competencies of the accounting units and their added value to the company.
  • Together with the first trial balance to be received from the accounting department, providing our control and technical support in the direction of using the account plan in line with the sectoral situation of the company,
  • In cases where the accounting recording system is inadequate, providing the necessary technical support to the accounting unit for system reorganization,
  • Consistency of the accruals of all declarations and notifications (Value Added Tax, Withholding Tax, Stamp Tax declarations and Social Security Institution declarations) that the company is legally obliged to submit with the accounting records, their arithmetic accuracy, whether they are paid within the notification period,
  • Testing of the company’s payrolls by sampling method, compliance with changing tax rates, compliance of accruals with accounting records and whether they are paid in accordance with legal regulations,
  • Control of all purchase and sales invoices of the company in accordance with the Tax Procedure Law by drilling method, arithmetic accuracy, control of the appropriateness and veracity of the accounting recording method,
  • Based on the monthly trial balance data of the company, document content and compliance control based on the materiality criteria of the account reviews of the expenses and revenues realized in the relevant month,
  • Determination of the accuracy of the reflection of the transactions realized as a result of the activity on the monthly trial balance of the company on the active and passive accounts by drilling management, based on the trial balance balances of the account items,
  • Ensuring the control of the financial statements issued for provisional tax returns in each quarter,
  • Our audit visits, which are carried out at regular intervals until the end of the corporate tax return submission period, end with the continuation of technical consultancy support for the solution of deficiencies and defects that may arise regarding the end-of-period transactions in accordance with the financial legislation.